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Ibu Alvarado has been fortunate to have started in aviation at a time when things were uncomplicated and practical. The access he had to planes, pilots and airports fed and fueled that enthusiasm. His trajectory in aviation allowed him to live a passion lit from beginning to end: no itineraries nor established routes, exotic destinations and never heard of places, unorthodox passengers and cargos, meaningful flights, and finally, total satisfaction before, during and after each flight. One starry night flying over the Magdalena River, he realized he had arrived; he was where he always wanted to be, doing his thing. However, for him arriving does not mean the end of the journey; it’s a continuation of his passion. 9,000 Hours and Counting: A Pilot's Log is also available in Spanish with the title Pasión por volar.

9000 Hours and Counting: A Pilot’s Log (Ebook)

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