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BANANA MAN, Peeling and Revealing, Life in the Tropics, comprises a compelling narrative that chronicles the enduring legacy of the pioneers in the banana industry. The account commences with the second-generation ‘banana kids,’ characterized by their resilience, whose formative years transpired within the verdant environs of banana plantations and Company towns. The narrative further delves into the consequential impact of two world wars, revealing the poignant and distressing narratives that have left an indelible imprint on the lives of many. This expansive journey unfolds a tapestry rich in historical significance, resilience, and the enduring ethos of those instrumental in shaping a distinctive era. The trilogy, collectively titled BANANA MAN, is offered both as individual volumes and as a comprehensive compilation within this distinguished special edition.

Banana Man - Special Edition

SKU: ISBN 9789962715450
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$44.96Sale Price
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