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Book 2 of BANANA MAN, embarks on a tropical odyssey through the captivating landscapes of Panama, entwined with the fascinating history of the United Fruit Company. This narrative invites you to explore the intersection of cultures, economies, and nature and witness the dynamic tapestry of a region shaped by the whims of the Tropics and the influence of a formidable multinational corporation in the heart of Panama. A riveting narrative that traces the enduring legacy of banana pioneers. From the resilient second-generation ‘banana kids,’ who spent their formative years amidst the lush banana plantations and Company towns, to the harrowing tales of how two world wars left an indelible mark on many of their lives, this epic journey unveils a remarkable tapestry of history, resilience, and the enduring spirit of those who shaped a unique era.

Banana Man, Book 2 (Ebook)

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