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​Unfazed by the scant crumbs of information served up for his latest case, Jake Brown, the intrepid private investigator, embarks on a journey that leads him straight into the heart of Cognito—a quaint, tranquil town nestled just beyond the border. Here, amidst the serene ambiance, away from the cacophony of urban life, Jake finds himself navigating a labyrinth of intersecting streets and avenues, each one a pathway to intrigue and mystery. Cognito, with its charming façade and understated allure, emerges as a sanctuary for the wandering souls and seekers of fresh starts. It beckons with its promise of anonymity, where the past can be shed like a worn coat, and the future painted anew on the canvas of possibility. With a a keen eye for detail, Jake embraces the challenge, knowing that in Cognito, the truth may be elusive, but the journey to uncover it promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Lost in Cognito (Paperback)

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