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Gold! Wealth beyond all imagination! Destroyed off the coast of San Telmo Island a few hundred years earlier, the Santa Rita lies in wait with her treasure on the ocean floor. That is what Bill Marin finds, but it is seven fathoms deep and guarded by some of the biggest, meanest sharks in the Pacific. But they are not the only menace to his treasure. There are sharks above the surface who think nothing of snuffing out a life for money. When El Cangrejo, one of the deadliest of killers, discovers Bill’s secret, Bill and his fellow crew must revise their plans to outwit him and survive. Their lives depend on their expert skill as divers and swimmers.

Award-winning author, Al Sprague, brings you another great diving adventure. Read The Seventh Fathom, an action-packed novel filled with intrigue, love and daring on the exotic, sandy beaches of Panama.

The Seventh Fathom (Paperback)

SKU: ISBN-9789962715344
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$13.46Sale Price
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